Barn Cat Program

Involving our Community

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Solving a Community Need

Got Mice???

Do you or someone you know need a barn/working cat for a barn, farm, silo, dairy, warehouse, brewery, etc.? Catvocate can help!!

These are NOT feral cats. These are cats currently at Animal Control that like people but do not like other cats. They are fully-vetted, spayed/neutered and healthy. WE PAY FOR EVERYTHING and supply a huge cage to keep the cat in for at least 3 weeks until they are used to you and their surroundings. 

All we ask is that you provide them with a safe place to sleep, food, water and medical care when needed/annually.

If you are interested, please complete the information below and click the "Submit" button.  Or you may contact our Facebook page, Catvocate, Inc.


Barn Cat Application

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